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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Hi, welcome to our website! My name is Connie Huffman and I am the  Executive Director of Hi-Line’s Help for Abused Spouses. I have been  working with domestic violence and sexual assault victims for over 34 years. I  started out as a volunteer, then became Co-Director. In 1994 I was hired as the  Executive Director. Besides those duties I also continue to be a victim  advocate, legal advocate and child advocate. Our staff is small, so most of the  staff are cross-trained. I have attended the Federal Law Enforcement "Train  The Trainer" and am a STAR Trainer [Small Town and Rural]. I have been  very active in the state coalition and served as Chairman of the Board of  Directors of the Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. I  have been in Who's Who of Professional Business Women and received the  Soroptomist Women Helping Women Award and was also the recipient of the  2007 Montana Victim Advocate of the Year Award.  
OFFICE MANAGER Hi, my name is Autumn Miller and I am the new Office Manager for Hi-  Line’s Help for Abused Spouses. I grew up in and live in Conrad, MT, a  small family oriented community and I am a proud mother of two beautiful  children, William and Lillian. I graduated from C. M. Russell High School in  Great Falls, MT in ‘02. I then went on to become a C.N.A. and I enjoyed  working with Alzheimer’s patients for over 6 years. I also had multiple roles  in the insurance industry for 6 years. I am thrilled to be a part of the amazing  Hi-Line’s Help team so that I may have the opportunity to help others and  give back those in need
FINANCIAL MANAGER My name is Shoshana D. Munson. I attended Northwest College (now  Northwest University) for 1 year (96-97). I got my start in bookkeeping with  Jerri J. Henry, CPA in Kelso, WA and had the pleasure of working with her  from September 1998 through April 2005. I have been doing bookkeeping  for 13 years now and am thankful for the hands-on experience I gained with  Jerri. I married my prince charming, Eric, in August 2001. After serving as  the youth pastor at Canby Assembly in Oregon, we moved to Chester,  Montana to take the senior pastorate position. During our time in Chester,  we started our family. We have two daughters. Aisha was born in 2006 and  Ellie was born in 2009, and a son, Callan, born in 2013.  
A Non-Profit Organization Serving Victims of Abuse for Over 30 Years in North Central Montana
ADVOCATE Hi, my name is Dawn Olivo and I worked at Hi-Line's Help as a victim advocate  for 5 years before resigning my position to pursue other life goals. After a 3 year  absence, I returned to HLHAS as the office Technical Assistant and Public  Relations Manager. Along with advocacy work, I am the web site designer and  responsible for all updates and information, as well as responsible for the  quarterly newsletter, brochure design, and many other office tasks. I write and  submit articles to local newspapers concerning different issues surrounding  violence in our homes and society. I have been married to my wonderful  husband for 14 years and we have three beautiful children.  I recently returned to  Conrad to work full time in the office as a Victim Advocate once again. 
ADVOCATE My name is Cindy Koenig and I started working at Hi-Line’s Help for Abused Spouses at the beginning of January.  I was very excited to be hired for position of victim advocate.   I have some experience working with persons that have been abused from working in the TANF program as a case manager.  Some background on me.  I was born in Canada and moved to Conrad just over 14 years ago.  My husband and I have a farm that keeps me busy when I am not at my full time job.  I have one son, who just turned 22 years old and is in the National Guard part-time.   I worked at the Pondera Medical Center for 6 years in the nursing home.  I then moved on to working at Quality Life Concepts as Day Program Manager for 3 years.  I learned a lot working with the elderly and the disabled.  Due to budget cuts in the program I decided to take on a new job as case manager with the TANF program, which I was at for 4.5 years.  I liked helping individuals but felt that I often was policing people instead of assisting them out of their barriers because of the policies that I had that enforce.  I decided to apply for the position of victim advocate to be able to help individuals more fully without a bunch of policies and procedures tying me up.  I have only been in this position for a couple of weeks but have been doing online training and have been learning a lot about victims and domestic abuse.
ADVOCATE My name is Samantha Rainville, I am one of the two new Advocates here at Hi-Lines Help. I am 26 years old. I am married to Ryan Rainville, and we have two amazing kids, Kirsten is 5 and Jayson is 2. We live in Dutton, but I am originally from Idaho. Along with a full-time job, and family life, I am also a full-time student. Right now, I am finishing my AA degree at Great Falls MSU. I will then transfer to Park University to complete my BA and Masters in Psychology. I am a very compassionate person who loves to try and help those who want my help. I have always been the one person that my friends and family have turned to when they need help and or advice, or just someone to simply listen to them. I have many reasons for why I choose psychology as a career and one of them is the desire to help others. One of my best hobbies is cooking, I love to cook, and many people have told me that I should open a restaurant. I am also very good at writing, I write short stories and poems. I enjoy drawing, though I am only mildly good at it. I love to read, camp, and be with my family. One passion that both my husband and I share is our love for motorcycles and we love to get out and ride. Well, this is me pretty much in a nut shell.