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Online Volunteer Advocate Training Congratulations on making the decision to see if becoming a volunteer advocate is right for you! By taking our online training you can move at your own pace. There is no deadline to learn the information so you won't feel pressured. This is important because there is a lot of information to learn. It is also a way for you to make a good decision about the type of advocacy you want to take part in, such as office help, fundraising, or working with victims. The training provides pratical information about: * Domestic Violence * Child Abuse * Sexual Assault * Potential volunteers wishing to better assist victims of abuse *Stalking and much more! If you would like to sign up for the Online training, please fill out the following application. You can either fill out and submit online, or print off an aplication and mail or take it to the office. Once you have submitted an application, an HLHAS Office Advocate will contact you. The training is free to everyone Volunteer Application Click to print out an application Or you can apply online using the form below 
Home #:
Email Address:
Why do you want to become an Advocate for Hi-Line's Help?
Do you have any special talents or skills that you feel would benefit our organization?
Have you ever been a volunteer for any other organization? Yes
If Yes, please provide the name of the organization, telephone number and supervisor:
Are you available to be on-call for 24-hour blocks of time? Yes
Please indicate what days you are available: Monday
Do you have any physical limitations that we should know about when considering your volunteer position? If so, please explain:
Do you have a driver's license? Yes
Do you have a reliable vehicle with insurance? Yes
Do you have any experience in counseling or any education in related fields? Yes
If yes, please explain:
What kind of advocacy interests you? Crisis Line
Community Awareness
Office Work
In Case of emergency who should we contact? Name and Phone number please:
Do you agree to sign a form stating that you agree to abide by the policies and procedures of HLHAS and that you will not hold HLHAS liable for injury, accident or health problems and you agree that as a volunteer you are not eligible for monitary payment or reward? Yes
Todays Date:

Thank you!!

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