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We are an organization of men and women that provide services to our communities in the area of domestic violence, sexual assault and victim witness's of crime. Our services include a 24 hour Crisis Line, one-on-one advocacy, child advocacy, victim witness services and an informational referal network. HI-Line's Help For Abused Spouses believes that every person has the right to make their own decisions. Our purpose is to provide information, advocacy and/or support regarding those choices. Crisis Intervention: Hi-Line's Help provides a 24-hour crisis line. The crisis line volunteers answer the incoming calls, obtain information from the caller such as first name, phone # and if the person is safe. The volunteer then contacts an advocate who will respond as quickly as possible in contacting the caller back. One-on-One Advocacy: A personal advocate will assist in any way possible providing support, suggesting possible options, making referrals to other assistance programs, (Department of Family Services, Office of Human Services, Health Departments, etc.), helping with transportation, seeking shelter or a safehome, and assisting in filing court papers such as orders of protection. Advocates also offer emotional support at a time when it is needed the most. Child Advocacy: Provides a safe environment for children. Helps with preparing for court, self-esteem building skills, social skills, moral support and at times just playing. Legal Advocacy: Provides help with preparations for court, including documents such as orders of protection, and makes requests for legal aid through attorneys. Victim Witness Services: Legal advocacy, assist with victim impact statements, filing for victim compensation, and information and referrals. Educational Presentations: Workshops, in-services, trainings for volunteers, law enforcement, medical personnel, child protective services, and community based organizations as well as a school program on dating violence and sexual harassment/date rape.  ALSO, OUR NEW ONLINE VOLUNTEER TRAINING! Safe Homes and Shelters: Provides a safe haven for victims leaving an abusive situation. Transportation to secure shelter and safe homes. Referral Networking: Information on available services relevant to the victim's needs.
A Non-Profit Organization Serving Victims of Abuse for Over 30 Years in North Central Montana