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April  2017
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By Dawn Olivo
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GUESS WHAT IS ONLY A FEW WEEKS AWAY?!?! Yep, the COLOR RUN! Sign up online HERE or  click here to fill out a paper form.  T-Shirt deadline is friday Apri 14!  Hope to see you there!  
State of Montana Information & Forms
Do you need court forms?  Are you not sure where to start or get help filling them out?  The link below will take you to many different court forms, including Parenting Plans, Child Custody, Divorce, and Orders of Protection.  There are also detailed instructions to help you fill out the paperwork. 
Let Us “Spring” Into Action! By Autumn Miller, HLHAS “April showers bring May flowers!” The Month of April usually evokes a good feeling with spring finally here and baby animals in our midst, warmer weather and of course flowers. But something else in our midst that isn’t talked about so much is April being Child Abuse Prevention Month. This is a great time to acknowledge the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse and neglect, and to promote the social and emotional well-being of children and their families to ensure they can grow up to achieve their full potential, free from abuse and neglect both at home and at school. April is also Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Sexual violence is a world-wide major public health, human rights and social justice issue. We need everyone’s help to keep the public aware of it’s effect on victims and their families, and we must stand up and speak out in order to change the culture that questions the actions of victims, rather than those of their attackers. Hi-Line’s Help For Abused Spouses (HLHAS) is hosting our 4th annual End Violence Color Run on April 29th, 2017 to promote awareness to these causes, as well as Domestic Violence and Stalking. It is an untimed 5k race throughout Conrad unique in one fact that there is brightly colored powder, made of food-grade corn starch, showered over each participant at multiple color stations along the route. Participants are welcome to walk, jog, or run at their leisure.  Children and pets are also welcome and encouraged! To register online, please go to our website at hlhas.com and use the registration link. Otherwise, stop by our office located at 300 N. Virginia St, Ste #307 in Conrad, MT or call us with any questions at 406-278-3342. We are so excited to keep bringing this fun event to our community! Registration is free ages 5 and under, $25 for ages 6 and up, which includes a free white Color Run t-shirt if registration is received by Friday, April 14th. We will accept late registrations up until and on race day, and warm-ups start at noon on race day outside our office on the lawn. Let’s hope for good weather! Many local businesses are sponsoring a color-throwing station along the route, which is very appreciated. They are: Crossroads Correctional Center, Conrad Tire, Olson’s Drug/Village Drug, 4-U Collision, Van Motors/Car Quest, Casa/Frontline Ag Solutions, and Stockman Bank. Courtesy Ford and Independence Bank have kindly made cash donations to further assist our program promote awareness. LeAnne Kavanagh from the Pioneer Press out of Cut Bank, MT and the Independent Observer in Conrad, MT have graciously donated some advertisement space in their local newspapers. Gary & Leo’s IGA have also once again generously donated bottled water and granola bars for our race participants. A big, huge thank you to all of those who have made this such an incredible awareness promoting event for not only our organization, but for our community and our surrounding communities as well.
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month
As a project for April being Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we decorated the County Courthouses in each of our service counties with blue and teal ribbons and put yard posters up. 
Pondera County
Teton County
Chouteau County
Liberty County
Glacier County
Toole County
Beth Olsen of Shelby made these great Easter Baskets for our program.  Thank you SO much, Beth, you have made a lot of kids happy this Easter! 
History of National Child Abuse Prevention Month (content from Child Welfare Information Gateway) Increasing public awareness of the need to ensure the safety and welfare of children led to the passage of the first Federal child protection legislation, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA), in 1974. While CAPTA has been amended many times over the years, most recently by the Keeping Children and Families Safe Act of 2003, the purpose of the original legislation remains intact. Today, the Children's Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the Federal agency charged with supporting States, Tribes, and communities in providing programs and services to protect children and strengthen families. In the early 1980s, Congress made a further commitment to identifying and implementing solutions to child abuse. Recognizing the alarming rate at which children continued to be abused and neglected and the need for innovative programs to prevent child abuse and assist parents and families affected by maltreatment, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives resolved that the week of June 6-12, 1982, should be designated as the first National Child Abuse Prevention Week. They asked the President to issue a proclamation calling upon Government agencies and the public to observe the week with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities. The following year, April was proclaimed the first National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Since then, child abuse and neglect awareness activities have been promoted across the country during April of each year. The Office on Child Abuse and Neglect (OCAN) within the Children's Bureau coordinates Child Abuse Prevention Month, providing information and releasing updated national statistics about child abuse and neglect each April. In 1989, the Blue Ribbon Campaign to Prevent Child Abuse had its early beginnings as a Virginia grandmother's tribute to her grandson who died as a result of abuse. She tied a blue ribbon to the antenna of her car as a way to remember him and to alert her community to the tragedy of child abuse. The Blue Ribbon Campaign has since expanded across the country, and many wear blue ribbons each April in memory of those who have died as a result of child abuse. In other communities, special fundraisers are held to support prevention activities and treatment facilities for victims, and candlelight vigils are held as a remembrance. Most recently, the focus has shifted toward a more positive message of celebrating "blue ribbon" individuals, organizations, and communities who have done much to prevent child abuse and neglect. In Title II of the CAPTA amendments of 1996, the Children's Bureau was charged with identifying a lead agency in each State for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) grants. These grants support the development, operation, and expansion of initiatives to prevent child abuse and neglect, as well as the coordination of resources and activities to strengthen and support families to reduce the likelihood of child maltreatment. CBCAP grantees within each State often take a leadership role in coordinating special events and preparing materials to support Child Abuse Prevention Month. Regardless of their role, CBCAP grantees are required to report annually on their Child Abuse Prevention Month activities. In 2003, as part of the 20th anniversary of the original Presidential Proclamation designating April as Child Abuse Prevention Month, OCAN recast the National Child Abuse Prevention Initiative as a year-long effort. This initiative was launched at the 14th National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, which was devoted to the theme of prevention. A national press conference there was the setting for the release of the publication Emerging Practices in the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect. The expansion of the Child Abuse Prevention Initiative was consistent with priorities of the Administration for Children and Families and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. OCAN and Child Welfare Information Gateway (formerly, the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information) partnered with the broader child abuse prevention community to raise awareness of the issue through a variety of tools, resources, activities, and public awareness events. Many of these materials have been made available in print and on the web to related Federal agencies, organizations, and concerned citizens in communities nationwide. In 2004, there was emerging consensus among national child abuse prevention organizations and related Federal agencies that building public will for child abuse prevention required engaging the public in efforts to strengthen and support families and enhance parenting skills. Building on this national momentum, OCAN shifted the focus of its child abuse prevention resources to incorporate a family strengthening message promoting parenting and community support. Today, the Child Abuse Prevention Initiative is an opportunity for communities across the country to keep children safe, provide the support families need to stay together, and raise children and youth to be happy, secure, and stable adults
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