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These are some of the books in our program library that we recomend. If you would like to borrow one or if you would like to know where to buy one of the videos or books, you can call the office or submit a request via the Contact Us page and we would be glad to give you the information.
Step By Step - Hindman  A Touching Book - Hindman Female Sexual Abuse of Children - Elliot Tell It To The Church Buzzard - Eck The Battered Woman - Walker Domestic Violence for Beginners - Deltufo Children Draw and Tell Klepsch - Logie Just Before Dawn - Hindman The Courage to Heal - Davis Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse and Animal Abuse Ascione - Arkow Hope in Healing Edwards - Derouard Rape In Marriage - Russell Memory and Abuse - Whitfield Men Who Hate Woman & The Woman Who Love Them Forward Homophobia - Christie  Adult Children Of Alcoholics - Woititz Breaking Free From Partner Abuse - Marecek Corporate and Govermental Deviance Ermann - Lundman I Can Be Anything - Mitchell How to Say No to a Rapist and Survive - Storaska Quest for Respect - Braswell Van Goat: Art of Coloration Farrington - Sullivan State by State Guide to Womans Legal Rights - O’Learey Strong at the Broken Places - Sanford Getting them Safer - Drews A Child Called It - Pelzer The Lost Boy - Pelzer A Man Named Dave - Pelzer Daddys Girl - Vale Allen Smart Love - Hayes Prepairing Children For Court - Copen No Is Not Enough Fay - Martin Parenting With Love and Logic Cline - Fay The Shelter of Each Other - Pilpher High Risk- Children Without a conscience - McKelvey Suicide - Quinnett Codependencey Suck - Meyerholz Catch The Whisper of The Wind - James Secret Scars_Survivors of C.S.A - Tower A Silence To Be Broken - Wilson Can This Child Be Saved? Cline - Helding Black and Blue - Quindler Education Groups for Men Who Batter Pence - Paymar Waverly Place - Brownmiller How to Say It - Maggio Guide to Art Therapy Groups - Fausek Breaking The Silence-Art Therapy W/Children - Malchiodi Codependant No More - Beattle Healing Your Life - Hennekens Breaking the Trauma Bond - Segna Working With Woman’s Groups V 1 & 2 - Eberhardt My Body is Mine, My Feelings are Mine - Hoke Sometimes I like to Fight-Self Esteem - Sharpire Bernstain Bears - Bernstaine No Girls Allowed
A Non-Profit Organization Serving Victims of Abuse for Over 30 Years in North Central Montana